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The cottage is (60 m2 in size), separated from the larger villa and can accommodate 2-3 people.

There is a bright living room with sliding glass doors, chairs, chest of drawers Tuscan ultimate stereo bluetooth with access Vs. smartphones, a bedroom with closet.

There is also a kitchen table with 3 seats, electric oven, 5 burner stove, fridge and freezer, a large bathroom (with shower crometrapica) and a breakfast patio contavolo on the outer side of the little house.

The cottage also has a central heating system with hot water always ready.

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area, Friuli

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Hinnasto - 2018/2019





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Prices include weekly supply of bed and bathroom linen, cold and hot eater, light, gas, final cleaning.
The use of heating during the winter period has to be paid separately.

Arrivals and Departures

At your arrival the opening of the apartments is forecast for the 16:00, on the day of your departure the same apartments must be left before 10:00.


it is autonomous, on your arrival the number indicated by the apposite counter placed in the general switch will be taken, in the same way as it will be taken at the moment of your departure, the cost will be € 4,00 for cubic meter.

The Linen

in case you are staying more than a week, it will be changed on Saturday morning, it is always possible to ask for an extra change, price negotiated by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The Cleaning

the final cleaning is included in the price, it is possible to ask that our staff have the property cleaned in some other days, the cost will be € 15,00 per hour.

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